About Us

Our company is focused on the supply of equipment for dairy commodity farms and manufacturing enterprises.

Delivering equipment that has high reliability, adapted to the conditions of our country’s agriculture and the best in price-quality ratio, we have proved to be a reliable, decent and professional company that occupies strong positions in the Belarusian agricultural market.

We specialize in the production and supply of milk coolers ( cooling tanks ) for milk cooling, Milkplane milk storage  tanks , beer, juices, sourdough equipment,  milk separators ,  heat recuperators , pasteurizers and other imported and domestic equipment .    

indentationAt the request of the client, delivery, installation, commissioning and personnel training are carried out. We provide warranty and after-sales service.     

In our company there is a flexible system of discounts !!! 

Also we supply refrigerants (freons, chladones) of various types (R134a, R404a, R507, R22, R407c, R410a, 142b and others) and refrigeration oils.

We provide services for the utilization and recycling of refrigerants (freons, halons).   

We buy refrigerants of various brands and states.

On our site you can find the necessary technical information on refrigerating equipment and refrigerants, the terms of purchase and delivery. 

Turning to our company, you will never be ignored! Our specialists will provide professional technical support, as well as quickly and efficiently select all the necessary equipment!